100% Satisfaction
100% Satisfaction


Great Service and friendly staff

I would like to thank Keen to Clean that they came to my rescue while I was moving my house. We suppose to move into newly built house but when we got keys, it was filthy. We had to move and couldn’t clean ourselves so contacted few housekeeping companies. Out of those, very few replied back and Keen to Clean was one of them who promptly replied. They came down to my house for clean quotation on same day. After explaining my situation I requested them to clean it next day, even though they had busy schedule they organised their staff to work after hours. Once they cleaned my property it was immaculate and their staff were very friendly.

I strongly recommend anyone who are in need of professional cleaning or house keeping services.

Mrs. Richa Patel

Satellite, Ahmadabad.

Manager, Comfort Inn Hotel

Managing a popular motel/hotel we have to keep our carpets in very good condition. For that we purchased a steam cleaning machine for ourselves to try and handle the upkeep.

However, we were not getting the results we desired. We could never get the carpets to look and feel clean even though our machine should have done the job. In desperation we turned to Keen to Clean to see if they could help.

The results were amazing! The condition was back to its peak and the entire place felt cleaner because of it. They proved that the real gap between us and them wasn’t just equipment, it was the highly trained and professional operator they sent. We now use them monthly and customers and staff have noted the improvement.

Franchisee, U S Pizza Ahmedabad

Renovations are a headache, but they are made worse by running behind schedule and having a strict deadline approaching. We needed our restaurant clean and ready to go by opening night so we could make pizzas everyone can enjoy.

Keen to Clean came to our rescue. They had everything working against them: the renovations were behind schedule, our hours were all over the place and there was a huge mess to get cleaned up for the opening night. The keen to cleaners worked with us every step of the way; they offered a flexibility we never dreamed of in a cleaning company.

Our project clean was a complete success. With our renovations completed and the cleaning immaculate, we can look forward to continuing our business, and our relationship with Keen to Clean, going.

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