100% Satisfaction
100% Satisfaction

Carpet and Fabric Stain Cleaner for Sale

Keen To Clean’s Super Spotter

Carpet and Fabric Stain Cleaner for SALE in India

Getting rid of tough stains is hard and knowing which cleaning agent is even harder. With all the stain treatment brands available in the market today, only the wise know better. Why pay for commercially promoted stain spotters when you can get a carpet and fabric stain cleaner in a bottle, in a better value, and made by professional cleaners?

As a carpet cleaning company, we use immeasurable amounts of stain cleaning products. As advocates of home improvement (maintaining cleanliness and wellness inside homes), we made a product that will solve immediate stain problems in your carpets and upholstery. Our Super Spotter is better than  OTHER stain cleaning products because our earth-friendly formula (color safe and chlorine-free) that is ideally safe for all carpets and fabrics.

Product Formula: Environment-friendly (Eucalyptus-based); chlorine-free; color safe; ideal for all fabric types and textile.

Variation: 500 ml

Price: Rs. 800

Delivery: Anywhere in India (shipping cost apply)

How to use:  Shake bottle, turn nozzle to ON position, spray onto stain. Leave to act for one minute then wash as usual.

Also available for purchase at 14 Sundaram Arcade, Opp Shukan Mall, Science City Road, Sola, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Call us for more information: +91 – 79- 654 50 654.