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Keen to Clean is finalist into Ethnic Business Award

A Keen Story on Way to Keen Result Migrating to Australia just months before September 11th 2001, facing prejudice and a lack of support only to start a business that would go on to make millions and support hundreds of Australians every day. This is the Keen to Clean... read more

Keen to Clean Tip : How to clean light fittings

Cleaning your light fittings is an easy way to brighten up a room. Since long life globes mean we rarely change them they can get dirty or dusty more so than ever before. Use a wet wipe to clean them and allow to dry before turning them back... read more

Keen to Clean : BRW Spot 9 for Fast Franchisee 2013

Bagged Spot 9 ins top 25 Franchise in Australia, Keeping it Clean Amongst those that Preen In a year of franchise growth dominated by gyms, grooming and Mexican food the Keen to Clean Group has represented the humble cleaning industry yet again by taking a top ten... read more

Carpet and Fabric Stain Cleaner for Sale

Keen To Clean’s Super Spotter Carpet and Fabric Stain Cleaner for SALE in India Getting rid of tough stains is hard and knowing which cleaning agent is even harder. With all the stain treatment brands available in the market today, only the wise know better. Why... read more

Facts About Carpet Cleaning

Facts About Carpet Cleaning Cleaning carpet not only beautifies the house but also prevents dusts, grit, and sand in conflicting us with allergic reactions. Though daily vacuuming is an important cleaning activity, to remove all dusts and dirts. But a deep extraction... read more

Carpet Cleaning Franchise Business India

Keen To Clean Carpet Cleaning Showing Strength Through Franchise Sales The Keen To Clean Group Pty Ltd. has enjoyed strong grow in its new franchise system by selling three franchises in the few months of operation. Franchise territories have been sold in Frankston,... read more

Keen To Clean Group Franchising in India

Keen To Clean Cleaning Services Expands to India August 18, 2010, Victoria – The Australia -based cleaning company Keen to Clean Group is taking a bold and unusual step by walking the trodden cleaning path forward and breaking into India’s cleaning market. With a... read more

Window Blinds: History and Types

Window Blinds: History and Types There are different kinds of materials used as window blinds from textiles to panels, and colors that can match your home. It’s significant uses include blocking us from too much sunlight, and keeping heat from coming in inside... read more

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